Free Earthquake Protection for Your Home?

The Brace and Bolt Program is Here For a Short Time

Inage of Eathquake Brace and Blolt Logo

Just a reminder to those who missed my blog at the end of 2017 about the earthquake protection program. You need to be aware it has a limited time for you to sign up and then it is gone. Our certified staff can set up an appointment to inspect your home to see what needs to be done. Contact me at 707-257-2222 to make an appointment for an inspection to see how this program can help you.




2018 Kitchen Trends

Inage of a Kitchen Remodel without upper cabinets

Home remodeling trends for the new year are bringing back some tried and true traditional favorites for the kitchen.

One of the most popular rooms in a home  to get a makeover is still the kitchen. The minimal look with fewer upper cabinets is one trend in particular that seems to be here to stay. Borrowed from the farm house - the modern kitchen is looking great with effective use of shelving instead of upper cabinets and deep drawers in lower cabinets for your dishes and pans.

We see a lot of white kitchens with just a pop of color allowing a home owner to get a clean crisp look. On the flip side, we see just as many who want color, and lots of it. Cabinets are getting painted and new hardware for a quick inexpensive facelift.

Our staff can set up an appointment to review your options for that great new kitchen. Give us a call at 707-257-2222 to make an appointment for an estimate on what can be done to get your kitchen updated for 2018.