Iamage of 2 Victorian Homes in San Francisco taken by Photographer Alex Le Moeligou of Canada

With so many options available, choosing a new pallet of colors for your house can be a little daunting. Typically, most homes have a base or field color, a trim color and an accent color. The Victorian homes of yesteryear often have extra details and features that are often highlighted with even more colors. It need not be as stressful as you think however taking into consideration a few basic rules that will smooth the road to a fresh new look.

Most paint companies help customers by selecting complementary colors for a pleasing "color pallet" or collection. The image above shows one home in a cool blue/green color scheme and the other home in warm yellow and red combination. Notice that a little red goes a long way in this example. The white trim adds a fresh look and further highlights the color choices. Our painter can supply you with samples on paper and even paint small areas right on your home to see what the colors look like together.

An all neutral color scheme can be done in a warm or cool pallet. Browns, tans, cream, white, grey and black can be stunning if the right colors and tones are chosen. Often the lightest color is used to paint the body of the home like a tan then a highlight color is used for trim - such as white or brown. An accent of black for the door and shutters could finalize your new dramatic look.

Our professional painters are ready to consult with you now to help you choose the right paint to protect and beautify your home. 

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