Not The Best Look

Image of peeling paint on a stuco wall This wall may be romantic on an old Italian Villa but not the best look for your home in Napa! Although this could be recreated with some artful plaster and paint work - it is not common to have stucco walls with peeling paint be the choice for most homeowners. Time can go by however and you can get caught with an artful mess like this that is only going to get worse.

Many homes over the last many decades in Napa were plastered. The use is a common and cost-effective method of providing siding for a home. Over the years homeowners will often paint it to change the color. In time you could be looking at not just a cosmetic problem but also a structural problem deterioration, disintegration and detachment. Plaster can develop mold and mildew too.

Cracked plaster walls are common with the propensity of our area to suffer seismic movement like earthquakes. Also over time not maintaining the gutters, overhang of the roof and/or changes to grading of the dirt around the home can cause water damage. Once water is allowed in the nails rust, lathing pulls away and before you know it you have major damage to the main wooden supporting structure.

Properly preparing the walls is critical before paint or repair. We can help you decide if you only need a fresh paint job or major repairs. Our crew is experience in determining what exact course of action is needed for your individual home. Summer is the perfect time for this type of project. Give us a call at 707-257-2222 in our calendar.




Renovate, Remodel or Buy New?

Image of a house made of money for animals installed by Alpine Construction Napa Ca Spring is the perfect time to review your options for planning a home change. For a decision we need to consider how each option will enhance your lifestyle while adding to the market value. Crunching the numbers is important to see if a renovation, remodel or moving to a different home will accomplish your goals.

Understanding the difference between renovate and remodel is a good place to start. Remodel refers to a change involving the structure which can include some demolition and construction. Renovation means you’re updating an existing structure with the cosmetic changes. The cost will usually follow that a renovation will cost less than the remodel.

This term is  related to changing the decor with maybe some upgrades to fixtures. An example would be new paint, sink and countertop in a kitchen. Usually, the configuration of the room is not changed by moving walls or major change to plumbing or electrical.
This term refers to a change involving more than a cosmetic face lift. The structure which can include some demolition of wall(s), construction, and redecorating. Changing the layout of a home or adding on a room is often included.

Once you identify your needs and get some estimates on the different options you can decide if the project will meet your budget and make sense for return on investment. Give us a call and we can help you sort out the options. If buying a different home is penciling out to be a better option, we can help you freshen up your current home for the sale with some new paint and a minor update. Give us a call at 707-257-2222 in our calendar.




Under The Deck Spring Planning

Image of a barrier for animals installed by Alpine Construction Napa Ca As you are planning your beautiful new deck you can envision entertaining your friends and family. One guest you don't want to put out the welcome mat for is the pesky critters in the neighborhood, like skunks, cats, and other furry friends.

Spring is a beautiful time in the Napa Valley. We love to drive out into the countryside to see the yellow mustard in the vineyards and all the budding fruit trees. It is a time of renewal and relief as we enjoy the longer days and warmer weather.

It is good to remind ourselves of the other spring time activities going on, like critters who would love to move under that beautiful new deck and make a nest for new baby skunks or raccoons! We can plan your new deck with critter prevention. Let's get planning that new outdoor space now so you can enjoy your invited guest. Or if you have a current deck, you are enjoying but need the skirting addressed, we can make it happen. Call: 707-257-2222.




A Touch of Elegance for Your Home

Image a Beautiful Glass Sinks installed by Alpine Construction Napa Ca Clearly a spring remodel with a glass sink can be a real touch of elegance! These eye-catching sinks will become a focal point in any bath or powder room. There are a variety of glass color choices, but many people choose a single clear glass sink to make a small room look larger. If you have a larger vanity, consider the option of double glass sinks as in our blog photo.

Glass sinks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Round is just one of the shapes available. Rectangle, square, and more organic are available for consideration. Faucet choices are numerous - from traditional to something fun like waterfall. The combination of these two units - of sink and faucet - is important to minimize splashing. Keep in mind some glass sinks have a smaller capacity than the traditional porcelain, so your family may have to get used to using a lower waterflow to wash up. Nothing wrong with saving water!

As we get back to being able to have guest in our homes this upgrade could be just what you need to add a touch of elegance to your entertaining. Give us a call at: 707-257-2222 for an appointment to get this beautiful upgrade.




Why Have a Professial Build Your Deck?

Image a Redwood Deck Built by Alpine Construction Napa Ca If you are not sure what the difference is between "level" and "a level", you might want to reconsider deck building as a DIY project. But seriously it is no joke to get a deck level and plumb. Depending on the area you are covering a lot of work will go into it before the first board is cut. A poorly built deck will create long term problems when it is finished and cost you more in the long run.

Another thing to consider is the time it takes to get a permit and build a deck. You could donate a whole summer of weekends to the job when a professional can dedicate a whole crew to your project. We also give you a timeline when it will be done and show up with the right permits, tools, and materials.

Don't overlook the safety issues with deck building. Some of the safety regulations your city and county cover are the size of the tread, and how high the rise is on stairs. Depending on the height of the deck, balusters, hand, and guard railings will be required - and each are regulated in height and spacing. Decks are typically anchored to the primary structure or are self-supporting, each with their own requirements and hardware specification.

Yes, hiring a professional can get your deck finished with less headache and money. Call us to review options for materials and design for a beautiful deck - done right - 707-257-2222




Warming Up Winter of 2022

Warm and Cozy Mug

We have had some nice rains here in the Napa Valley so far this year. Some chilly weather as well. It is what we need for our beautiful agricultural community and we hope for more as we progress into the spring. Cold, however is not what we want inside the house.

Just a couple of winter projects to keep you toasty this winter are the topics for the blog this month. These items can garner the most in return on investment (ROI) later on too if you should decide to refinance or sell your home.

Heating/Cooling System: Your system should be serviced regularly and can be evaluated at the same time to see if it is in need of being replaced– before it fails. Zones can be established on an existing system or your new one to evenly heat and cool your home while saving money. RON for installing a new system is said to be over 214 percent.

Hot water heater Upgrade/Replacement: Is an important consideration for maintenance of your home. Tankless hot water heaters last two times as long as a standard one and will save you money each month on the energy bill. A new tankless water heater can also free up space from the old tank too.

We are looking forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones in 2022. And as always, we are here for your residential or commercial remodeling needs call at 707-257-2222 today to get in our 2022 calendar.

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