Stay Safe While Isolating at Home

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If you are looking for something to keep you busy and improve your health, consider improving the air quality in your home. It is easier than you think.

Some of the things you can do (or have someone do for you) is to change the filters in your home. Most people know they need to change an AC system filter but there are others as well. Here is a list to consider:

  • Vacuum filter - some need replaced and some can be washed.
  • Kitchen vent- These should be used at all times when cooking and cleaned regularly.
  • Clothes dryer - clean the lint screen every time you dry a load - and regularly check the vent pipe - it can become clogged and affect your air quality and even be a fire hazard.

Lead can be a hazard in older homes where paint is peeling, or asbestos tiles were used in a floor or ceiling application. Our workers are certified to safely remove any of these pollutants and refresh your home with new safe materials.

Give us a call if we can advise you on any of the above issue to keep your home safe while spending so much time in it. We are available at (707-257-2222).




Looking Forward

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As we face the uncertain future together, we all can use some tips on how to stay positive. A positive outlook is imperative to being able navigate successfully without running aground.

I recommend spending some time to find your mental "happy place" and spend time there as we wait out this isolation.

Experts say that there are  3 emotional stages of a vacation. One - planning. Two - the vacation. Three - post  vacation reflection. Interestingly enough they say the planning part gives the highest level of happiness. I would like to suggest that the same is true for a remodel. If you have been dreaming about redoing a portion of your home -now is the time to plan! Not only can you enter that "happy place" mentally but you can have a project that we call "shovel ready" when this isolation ends.

The place to start is to nail down the objective first. Try writing a clear concise statement like: "Make a play area in the basement for the kids" or "Bring my bathroom into the 21st century". Then make a list of what you need for that "dream look" for the project. Colors, finishes, fixtures and so on. Don't forget - dreaming is free!

As we practice social distancing, we can still remain connected by phone and other digital means. When you have questions while working on your plans to remodel give us a call (707-257-2222) and we will be happy to help.




Relax in a Soaking Tub in a Tiny Bathroom

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Maybe not a tiny bathroom but definitely you can still have a soaking tub in a small one.

Newer tubs are made to fit in corners and other unexpected spaces. With elegant lines your bathing space will be a quiet retreat.

Choosing the right size is important because a smaller tub still needs to be comfortable. Sitting in the tub you choose before it is installed is a good idea to make sure you can get comfortable. One too narrow or short will not accomplish the task.

The design process is important as you measure out where to put the tub so all the other elements will work. Positioning a tub in a small space is critical for the success of the project.

Talk with our office personnel to see when we can meet with you and measure your space to install a relaxing soaking tub.- 707-257-2222




Consider The Warmth of Wood

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Wood countertops continue to be a favorite choice for new homes and remodeled for a variety of reasons. Number one reason is most likely the natural beauty of wood. Wood gives your kitchen a warmth that other products cannot match. The many choices of types of wood, stain and finish colors allow a homeowner to have a custom look. You can even get recycled material for a “green” countertop.

Some of the considerations to bear in mind is the care and upkeep of your wood countertop. Properly sealed and regularly treated with oil or protectant your wood countertop will stay attractive and sanitary.

Many homeowners use a cutting board on top of the wood countertop to spare it the worst of the use and abuse that can goes with a busy kitchen. An advantage to the wood is it can be refinished and may not need it for the next 10 to 20 years.

Our office can set an appointment for someone to review all options in your kitchen remodel - big or small just give us a call - 707-257-2222




Trending for 2020 Quartz Countertops

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Quartz countertops are finding a loyal following over other countertops because of their many advantages. Quartz has the beauty and durability many homeowners are looking for when choosing a product that will stand up to the rigors of daily living. Homeowners find the hard surface of quartz is non-porous resisting staining much better than granite, marble and concrete. It stands up to juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee and other sources of stains in the kitchen. For cleanliness, a non-porous surface means that it will not harbor bacteria or viruses.

Quartz has the same durability as concrete and granite, but is quite a bit more forgiving by not chipping or cracking as easily. Another difference is the hardness which has a feel that some people find more pleasant than stone. One caution is that you will need to protect quartz from hot items such as a hot pan, or hairdryer in the bath. So, if you foresee a new countertop in your future, consider the option of quartz

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Next Month - Another Countertop Option - What about Wood?

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