Winter is here. It's Going to Get Wet!

Image of a couple walking in the rain

Yes - Napa Valley does get lots of rain and will freeze in the winter! We can even get snow for those of you who have not seen a proper winter here in our famous wine valley. Freezing weather is great for plants like grape vines and fruit trees to give them a good dormant stage for killing off pest and setting fruit later in the spring. However it is not kind to your pipes if they are left exposed to the cold weather, so don't forget to bundle them up!  

Any pipe exposed to cold air can freeze. Indoor pipes that run along an outside wall, under the house and of course hose bibs are vulnerable. Be sure you know where to turn off the water to your property in the event a pipe does freeze and burst. For help winterizing your home give us a call - we are here to help.




Are You Ready For Winter?

Image Chimney needing repair

A quick check list for fall:

  1. Clean and inspect gutters and downspouts.
  2. Empty and roll up hoses.
  3. Clean and store outdoor furniture and kids' toys
  4. Inspect and repair/replace window caulking, thresholds and weather-stripping.
  5. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected.
This is the perfect time to winterize your home. Gutters and downspouts need to be inspected to see if they are working properly. Most will need to be cleaned and some replaced. A new gutter system can add beauty and style to your home as well as protect it. Siding and windows take a beating if the rain is not directed away from them. Worse a system that is not set up properly will allow water to run under your home causing health and structure damage.




Traditional And Modern

Image of A Stucco Finished Home

Because of its reasonable cost and the variety of ways to apply and formulate it, stucco siding has been used for centuries. (click image for a close up look at this building)

The advantages to natural stucco include fire resistance, a high degree of energy efficiency and low maintenance. It also expands and contracts with the weather, which minimizes cracking. Stucco can last many years before it needs to be refurbished or replaced.

If you're looking for a siding option with little to no maintenance, then stucco is an excellent choice. Some homeowners don't like the stains that stucco tends to attract, so light pressure-washing is common. Hairline cracks can be easily fixed by a professional.

For an estimate on new stucco siding for your home or to clean/repair your existing please give us a call for an appointment.




Something Different

Image of Rain on Gutters

For this recent install our crew didn't even have to pull out their camo gear to get the job done. We were called on recently to properly place this impressive specimen on a wall for the Bounty Hunter - Wine Bar & Smoking' BBQ. Check it out when you have time. Their website is - Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smoking' BBQ. Alpine is all about getting the job done. Bring us your projects and we will put together a plan to make it happen.




Summer Fun

Redwood deck installed by Alipine Construction

Summer is beginning in the Napa Valley. How many of us are busy and thought, "I need to get so much done before summer"?

We here at Alpine can help you finish a lot of your projects now. Alpine, being a General Contractor does not only do remodels and additions; we also help with home maintenance in the Napa Valley area. We spoke to several of our clients recently and asked what has benefited them the most from our crew coming out. Here are a few of the replies we have received:

"No more yard work! I love coming home and the yard was landscaped with drought resistant plants and ready for summer!"

"Knowing Alpine was coming when my toilet broke and water was running down to the floor below was a life saver. The response time was amazing and saved me thousands of dollars of water damage."

"Having the Alpine crew on-call for our complex is easier when tenants move out and we can schedule the repair and painting ~ no more maintaining an hourly staff we donít always need."

So if you are in need of repairs on your rentals, your own home, or vacation home give us a call!

Photo of the advertizment in Inside Napa Magazine

For all of your remodel home and garden needs Alpine Construction continues to be the local company to call for Napa home owners. We can make your outdoor space become as accessible and inviting as inside. A great design and quality materials will make this home improvement project an asset to your homes value. Spaces can be lighted, heated, covered and more. Check out our ad in the May addition of the magazine "Inside Napa Valley" and call us today for your free consultation.




You Can't Miss Us

Photo of the new paint job on Alpine Trailer

You may have noticed our new paint job on the work trailer. It is a privilege to be part of the family -so to speak- while we get your job done. To minimize the intrusiveness we have painted the trailer to look great while letting your neighbors know you have hired the best local general contractor. One of our aims is to keep a clean work site during the construction and leave your resident or place of business clean and orderly. It says "36 Years - But Who's Counting". That means we are part of the community and here to stay. Give us a call for a free estimate for your next project. Side View of trailer.

Photo of the White Houe Inn Gazebo

With interest rates still low we are looking forward to our clients being able to add that needed extra bath or new kitchen they have been dreaming of. New options in building materials will make choosing the plumbing fixtures, tile and other elements the hardest part of the project! Alpine Construction can stream line the process and get it done on time and on budget.




Reflecting on 2014

Lift used for Earthquake Repair to Church

2014 was a busy year for Alpine Construction. The biggest event was the earth quake which literally shook us out of our beds and into our work boots. After checking on family and friends were working from daylight to past dark to help get our community put back together.

This photo is the lift truck we loaned to the church to get their windows measured after the quake. More photo's of the quake will be posted here and on Facebook in the near future.

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