Mobile Home Sweet Home

Image of Mobile Homes

Your mobile home can get every attention to the detail in a remodel that a regular "stick built" home would get. If you own one or are looking to buy a moble home don't overlook the many options to upgrade it to current standards of safety while improving its aesthetic appeal. We can do much more than just new carpet and paint.

Almost everything can be upgraded and/or improved. If you are wanting to have new wall texture and paint; it would also be an opportune time to add or delete any electrical while the sheetrock is waiting to be resurfaced and the walls are open. Insulation upgraded can also done at this time.

Dated kitchens and bathrooms are often remodeled creating convenient warm living spaces for the modern world. Call us at Alpine today so we can schedule an appointment to come out and see what we can do to update your home. Call us today at: 707-257-2222!




Quick Winter Check List

Image of Alpine Commercial Project

November check list:

  1. Weather Stripping - Check to see it is in place and not cracked, rotted or missing. You will be warmer and save money.
  2. Air Conditioners - Clean and/or service your air conditioner so it is protected for the winter and ready to go for summer. Make sure your humidifiers are clean for the winter season so that bacteria and other unwanted pathogens do not grow in dirty water tanks.
  3. Chimney - Get a qualified expert to clean your chimney also necessary is checking the wood stove gaskets and glass.




Freshen Up For Fall

Image of Fall Leaves

Fall in Napa Valley is a beautiful time as the vinyards turn to red and gold. Usualy this warm bright time of year preceed the rains making fall weather a perfect time to have a professional evaluate a home for caulking and paint. Depending on how your previous paint job was done you may be surprised to learn your home is in need of preventive maintenance now. If caulking is dryed up and cracking it will not be protecting your home. Also when paint begins to peel it is time to get a "tune up" before any real damage is done.

Give us a call or email to set up an appointment with our in-house painting contractor Mark. He will be more than happy to help you choose the right colors and products when he gives you a personal estimate.




What's Trending in Home Remodeling Now


Upgrading sheds are a hot new item. Home owners are upgrading their garden sheds or out buildings to be either a gorgeous garden shed or add extra living space for their home. Our professional team can help you decide if you will be allowed to put in a full bath, kitchenette or just a bedroom/playroom. If you are doing plumbing and electrical you'll want to make sure it is safe and done with permits. We handle all the permitting process for you.

An updated garden shed can be an asset rather than an eyesore in your yard. It can follow the architectural style of your present home or go off on a fairyland tale of its own with a country cabin, Grecian palace, etc.




Are You Ready For The Next One?

Alpine Crew Repairing Earthquake Damage

August 24th this month marks the anniversary of the devastating 2014 Earthquake that tried to put Napa out of business! Our charming historical sites were damaged as well as more modern structures to the tune of more than $360 million dollars. This report came out detailing some of the reasons why so much damage was done.

Many of our Napa Valley neighbors have had their homes inspected and repaired. We are still getting calls for such work. Foundations, chimneys and other structure damage is critical to get done now before the next quake.

My crew is also busy going out to homes who did not suffer damages the last go around but want to make sure their foundation and other structures are secure. Getting your house bolted down and braced is one of the best ways to prevent the damage we saw just a few months back. Call us today so we can schedule a qualified worker out to see what needs to be done to repair or better yet prevent.




Yard Gate Upgrade

Large Gate

Access to a back yard is important to enjoying the all the benefits of a yard. A large gate that easily swings wide makes it possible to bring in equipment and even vehicles. These gates also aford an added measure of security for your home.

Another benifit of a large gate to a yard is that you can open it wide to your guest. This makes a most welcomeing entrance to a pool party or other event. Your gate can match the fencing or be in a variety of materials. Some of our client want standard hardwar but others request cutomade with more decorative elements. Our crew would be happy to make an appointment to come to your property to give an estimate for your project.




Sun Kissed

Image of Umbellas

June is here and so is the sun! Our gorgeous weather in Napa Valley is one reason why we live here. The heat of the summer gives us wonderful summer gardens with tomatoes and other veggies that are the envy of people everywhere. It also makes for great wine as our grapes soak up the sun.

However, when you have had enough and need some shade from the blazing sun, we can help. Alpine Construction can build you a custom cover for your deck. Cooling off and entertaining on a shaded deck will extend your enjoyment of the great summer season that is just beginning. Call us today to get an estimate for your project.




Hot Napa Summer Night


Napa Valley can have some really hot summer weather. Although we love it we need to be prepared to also get some relief from it! Airconditioning is a good choice. Ceiling fan however, are used with or without the added benefit of air conditioning. The newer fans have remote control for your convenience.

Installing ceiling fans can be a DIY but only if you have important information on how to secure the fan and safely hook up the eclectic supply.




Get A Spring Check Up for Your Home

Don't let the winter and spring weather catch you unaware in regards to the security of your basement and foundation. Undetected earthquake damage or just wear and tear can lead to a disaster. Our workers can inspect and repair any problems now before they cause a big problem.

A basement can be prone to flooding, take action now to prevent it this season. Foundations that are not properly constrcted or are failing can lead to the loss of the entire home. To keep water erosion to a minimum clear gutters of debris and position downspouts so they (ideally) lead at least three feet away from the house. Fill foundation cracks with epoxy to minimize the chance of leaks, and invest in window well covers to keep rain out of below-grade windows.

Alpine's construction crew can take the worry off of your mind by getting the job done in no time - call us today .




$3000 Grants for Earthquake Protection

Image of Napa Logo

Napa homeowners can apply for incentive payments of up to $3,000 to help them strengthen their homes against the next earthquake. Registration is open through March 22, so give us a call or get the details by clicking on the Napa City logo to the left. You will notice that this website indicates that the Napa EBB encourages home owners to use licensed contractors experienced in seismic retrofitting.

They say in part "The new Napa Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program (Napa EBB) helps pay for seismic retrofits to houses that are most vulnerable to catastrophic damage: pre-1979 houses that aren’t bolted to their foundations, include a crawl space and have unbraced “cripple walls” (low walls between the foundation and first floor). In a strong earthquake, the crawl space is vulnerable to collapse, causing the home to slide off its foundation.

Alpine Construction is experienced in this retrofit and can help you get your home ready for the next big one. The website will also help you determine if you qualify for this financial help. Call us today to talk over your options.




Make a Statement

Image a Beautiful Front Door How can the front of your home "Make a Statement"? It has been said not to judge a book by it's cover - but people do. Your front door is the first thing a persons sees when approaching your home. Take a fresh look at how your home appears to a visitor. Is it clean and tidy? Is the front door outdated and paint faded? How about the lighting? Is it attractive while safely lighting the path to your door?

An expanded remodel might include the garage door and siding. You would be surprised how much these items can add to the look, comfort and security of your home.

Our knowegable staff can give you an estimate for whatever level of update to the front of your home you desire - to painting your current door and updating the hardware or to installing a new one and more. Give us a call to make that appointment today.




Get a Fresh Look for 2016

Alpine Crew

Now that the holidays are over and everyone has gone home it is time to take stock of what you need to do to get ready for spring. Winter is a great time to get that fresh coat of paint inside. And - no, the newer paints do not have the odors that we associated with fresh paint in years past!

You can do one room, an area or the entire house. If you choose the kitchen or bath, consider a new backsplash to really add sparkle to your home. Having a professional paint your interior is such a treat.

Give us a call or email to set up an appointment with our in-house painting contractor Mark. He will help you choose the right colors and products as well as give you a personal estimate. Our crew will make sure to keep your home clean while making it beautiful!

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