Easy Winter Makeover

Image a Beautiful Glass Sinks installed by Alpine Construction Napa Ca

Choose a room you use every day to brighten the winter months. The bathroom. It can be easier than you think. Some cool new fixtures and fresh paint will do the trick!

For a real makeover consider new flooring while you are at it. You don't have to sacrifice style to get a low-maintenance floor. The newer vinyls provide an upscale look with waterproof protection. One of the latest design trends for floors and walls is using contrasting tile styles and colors. Create a unique look by making a tile design on the floor and/or wall and then framing it with edging tiles.

Every time you step into your new bathroom it will be like a relaxing retreat as you enjoy the fresh new look and colors. We can show you how easy it can be to do a quick make over or full remodel by calling us at 707-257-2222 today.




Don't Get In Hot Water

You might not need extensive earthquake protection added to your home but a simple, often overlooked item is your hot water tank. It can be a quick fix to keep 50 gallons of hot water safe in an earthquake. Napa experienced a big one not too long ago but even a little temblor can dislodge an improperly installed heater. For this reason, your hot water heater must be properly strapped, vented, and elevated depending on where they are located.

The County of Napa sets up hot water heater installation guidelines that you and/or your contractor must follow. They are simple, and the materials are usually inexpensive but important to carefully heed.

We often install hot water heaters when we remodel kitchens and bathrooms. Insurance claims from hot water heaters damaging a home can be denied if yours was not properly installed. Our crew can pull the proper permit for you and make sure you are meeting all the requirements to stay safe - call our office today (707-257-2222) to evaluate your needs for earthquake safety. A licensed contractor such as myself will do the work to keep you out of hot water!




Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU

Is an "In-Law Unit" for You?

Accessory dwelling units are an extended dwelling place of the main house. They can be over your garage, a basement apartment or a tiny house located near the main house.

Homeowners often use these units for additional income. Also used to give space and privacy while keeping the family connection for parents, older children and guests. Some homeowners are even retiring to the “garden cottage" while they get a nice income from their main house.

A unit such as these can add value to your home while creating options for now and the future. Give us a call (707-257-2222) and we will make an appointment to come out and see where an ADU can fit into your life.




Registration is Open for 2019

Earthquake Grant Retrofit Program

Earthquake Repair by Alpine Construction.

Free money to fix up your home? Yep - more funds are available, but you have to act fast. The money is made available to homeowners whose home needs seismic rehabilitation retrofit for earthquake damage protection

The Alpine Construction crew has been specially trained in the type of work that is required to carefully secure your home to its foundation. Check out the program and sign up here: Brace & Bolt. You will also find that Alpine Construction is listed as one of the preferred contractors for this program.

You may qualify for up to $3,000 toward a seismic retrofit of your house. So, check it out and if you need help give us a call.




Chill Out In The Shade on an AZEK® Deck

Trex deck with awning by Alpine Construction.

This is the summer for you to finally put in your new deck with a great awning. No need to keep holding your BBQ on the lawn when you can get off the dirt and onto a clean smooth deck. This photo is of one of our client's deck who chose to make a special place to relax under a great awning with a simple style that is timeless.

Composite decking, has come a long way in 20 years. Other products don't come close to the fade and stain resistance that the gorgeous and affordable Azex® high-performance boards deliver with their unbeatable guarantee.

Get a quote on your dream deck by scheduling an appointment with our staff today ~ Phone: 707-257-2222.




Cool Remodel Trend - Floating Fixtures

This look is likely going to be around for a long time. It is an attractive  practical application for the modern bathroom. Wall mounted fixtures can make any room look larger which is most appreciated in a tiny bathroom.

Some of the other advantages are:

  • Floors are easier to clean without anything blocking your mop!
  • The streamlined look can help show off other features such as a stunning soaking tub.
  • More room for radiant-heat flooring to get the most out of your choice for heating your bathroom.
  • Allows interesting decorating techniques such as extending your tile to the floor and under the fixture for a seamless look.
  • Some put the extra room under a vanity for a child's step stool or to keep an extra towel handy.
  • Once you decide this is for you give us a call and we will help you make it happen!




Simple Curb Appeal

Room painted Ultra Violet Color of the year 2018

Curb appeal is not overrated. A good looking home and front yard makes you happy every time you come home, is a friendly greeting for your friends and neighbors and adds value to your investment.

Three quick "fixes" we can help you with to improve your curb appeal are: a new front and garage door and a garage door opener. We can do them in a variety of materials and finishes. This is a good time to consider adding some security features with new locks and cameras.

Some quick "fixes" you can do yourself are: install a new mailbox, new street numbers on the house and/or painted on the curb, and freshen up your flower beds/boxes.

We can help you with some simple curb appeal upgrades. Call me for a consultation today. (Phone: 707-257-2222)




Don't Paint Me Into A Corner

Color of the Year Ultra Violet

So, you read that Ultra Violet is the Pantone paint color of the year for 2018 but is it for you? Will you still love it in a week, a year? Only you and time will tell. Many decorators choose to use accessories to introduce a new color to a room. That way it is easier to change if you decide the color is not really what you want. Pillows and throw rugs are often used to accessorize a room with a new color. If you decide you really love it you can then go "whole hog" and paint a wall or more the new color.

Our painters are happy to help you with color choices but in the end, it is your decision. A vibrant color like this one might be just the thing. If you decide it’s not a long-term favorite, no harm done! We can easily repaint!

Let's get you on our schedule for a consultation today. (Phone: 707-257-2222)




Caught Short?

Alpine Construction Crew working on a fence job

Are you like Tim in the TV show Tool Time, having a daily chat with your neighbor over the fence? Or do you  require more privacy than that?

A common solution to a short fence is adding a fence topper to get the extra height. These toppers can be fairly open, as the one pictured here, that we did for a local customer or more solid for even more privacy. The key is to decide what your end goal is and then look at your options for color and style.

Materials come in a variety to please everyone. We can match your current fence or use a contrasting product to add texture and interest.

For a solution to a "too short" fence or a new fence from the ground up give us a call (Phone: 707-257-2222) for an estimate appointment today.




Making Room for a Room Addition

Photo of the advertizment in Inside Napa Magazine

Are you thinking about that master bedroom/bathroom suite you have always wanted? Or maybe you would like a great family room where everyone can kick back and have fun? It is easier than you think.

Several things are imperative when you add on to an existing home. You want your remodel done in such a way to add value. That means designing the addition, so it looks like it is part of the home not just "stuck on". Also having proper permits so you will not have to remove it when you sell the home.

Some easy steps we can help with:

  1. Explore Your Options
  2. Is it a room addition or a remodel that is needed?
  3. Plan Your Build
  4. Are you "bumping" out or up?
  5. Choose Your Materials
  6. This is key to making the addition blend in with your present home
  7. Get the Project Done.
  8. Hire a crew like ours who will respect your living space while adding on more!

Our crew can help you through every step of the way.
Give us a call (Phone: 707-257-2222) to see how easy it is.




Happy 40th Anniversary to Us!

Photo of the advertizment in Inside Napa Magazine

Time fly's when you are having fun or is it when you are busy? Well. either way we have been both! Alpine Construction is celebrating 40 years of serving the home owners and business in Napa Valley. We so appreciate the loyal support from our community. Our many repeat customers prove that we have what you were looking for - affordable and high quality.

Over the years, I have watched Napa grow from a small sleepy agricultural community to a world class destination for foodies, wine lovers and any who seek a beautiful place to relax and renew. All the while the locals are busy raising their families creating that unique “Napa” look - a great blend modern and historical architecture as they live out their dreams. We look forward to helping you do that - one project at a time!

Some of our specialties:

  • Fences and Decks
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Room Additions
  • Commercial Build-Outs




Earthquake Protection for Your Home?

The Brace and Bolt Program is Here For a Short Time

Inage of Eathquake Brace and Blolt Logo

Just a reminder to those who missed my blog at the end of 2017 about the earthquake protection program. You need to be aware it has a limited time for you to sign up and then it is gone. Our certified staff can set up an appointment to inspect your home to see what needs to be done. Contact me at 707-257-2222 to make an appointment for an inspection to see how this program can help you.




2018 Kitchen Trends

Inage of a Kitchen Remodel without upper cabinets

Home remodeling trends for the new year are bringing back some tried and true traditional favorites for the kitchen.

One of the most popular rooms in a home to get a makeover is still the kitchen. The minimal look with fewer upper cabinets is one trend in particular that seems to be here to stay. Borrowed from the farm house - the modern kitchen is looking great with effective use of shelving instead of upper cabinets and deep drawers in lower cabinets for your dishes and pans.

We see a lot of white kitchens with just a pop of color allowing a home owner to get a clean crisp look. On the flip side, we see just as many who want color, and lots of it. Cabinets are getting painted and new hardware for a quick inexpensive facelift.

Our staff can set up an appointment to review your options for that great new kitchen. Give us a call at 707-257-2222 to make an appointment for an estimate on what can be done to get your kitchen updated for 2018.

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