Perfect Winter Project

Image of Crown Molding

Crown molding is an easy way to update a room and add value. It traditionally runs at the top of walls and/or door frames and top of cabinets. It can cover imperfections while giving your home an upscale look.

Newer paints are now odor free and dry quickly making the process a great project for winter. You may want to have the walls painted at the same time and give the entire room a fresh look.

Our estimator can help you choose the right size of molding for you home so it balances with the baseboards and height of the walls. A rough guide is to use 2.5 - 6” for 8 foot ceilings, 3 to 7.5” for 9 foot ceilings and for 10 foot ceilings use an 8” molding.

A fresh look and upgrade is just a call away! 




Is It Covered? Depends!

Image of Repaired Floor and Baseboard

Our October blog addressed water leakage and what you need to do. Now we thought you might want a little heads up on some questions people have when trying to get their life back to normal. This information is just a heads up and is not intended to be inclusive of all situations. Each insurance company will have their own policies and you will find out sooner than later what they cover and for how much.

  1. Carpet - If your carpet gets wet your insurance may have it pulled to dry and then clean and put back down. Or you might get new carpet but not new carpet padding.
  2. Sheet Rock - Wet sheet rock is almost always removed then replaced. They may only pay for the new part which may or may not match the rest of the walls in the room.
  3. Baseboard - When pulling up the baseboard your contractor may find it can be salvaged and reinstalled. If not, they will then try to find a match and put new in. This may or may not be covered. Ask questions!
  4. Flooring - Vinyl flooring that is damaged or has to be pulled up to dry out the home is usually replaced with new as well as the underlayment. The insurance adjuster may want a sample of your flooring to send to a lab to verify what it is so it can be replace with the same. "like, kind, and quality". Your insurance may replace the whole floor in a room or just the portion damaged.

You will never know exactly how insurance works until you need it, but your agent can give you a lot more details if you know what to ask. As always we are there to help with getting the repair estimate to them ASAP! Give us a call - 707-257-2222.




Gathering Your Team Is Your First Move

Image of Home with water leak being repaired

So, you are walking through the hallway and all of a sudden, you're stepping in water. Now what? First of all, find the leak and turn off the water. Drying it up right away as much as you can to reduce the damage is important. If you are a homeowner, it is your job to start the recovery and repair process by calling in some professionals. If you are a renter, call the landlord. Don't hesitate to get help because more damage can be caused by waiting. Mold is a big issue with water damage and can start before you know it.

Call you insurance company right away to see what your next steps need to be. They may have preferred restoration partners or give you a list to contact.

You may have to call a plumber or restoration team even before you find out what is covered to be safe and address any issues that could be unhealthy for your family. In this case, all you can do is weight your options and decide which is the best course of action - to wait or get someone in right away .

Your insurance adjuster will give you an estimate of the cost of the repairs they will cover. Now you can get some bid and move forward with getting your home back to normal.

Even a small leak can be very stressful. Your team of experts should be able to explain the process and calm your nerves. In the end when the work is done your home will be dry and cozy again, For repair and remodel give us a call - we would love to be on your team: 707-257-2222.




Learning From California Fires

Image of a Home with new Garage Doors

Our California communities are still recovering from the fires we all experienced these last few years. The Paradise fire last year was especially devastating to people who were not able to physically open their garage doors when the power went out. As a result there is a new law on the books in California that requires homes be fitted with garage door openers with battery backup to make it possible to open your garage doors in an emergency. The openers, with battery backup, will be required to be installed when a new home is built and when a home is sold.

Another issue to consider is the real concern of power loss during and after an earthquake. As with any disaster you and your loved ones can be at risk without warning. Why wait to retrofit your home with this important upgrade? We can help you plan for a whole new face lift for your home or a modest refit. Better safe than sorry - give us a call today to talk about your options: 707-257-2222.




Summer Living in The Napa Valley

Image of a Deck with Shade

If you are looking to improve your enjoyment of your home and resale value at the same time, consider a new deck or expanding the one you all ready have. Here in California we often spend as much time outdoors as in and on a deck is the preferred place to do it.

More and more people are staying in rather than going out for entertainment. Also the "Stay Vacation" is all the rage. When you live in Napa or Sonoma Valley why go anywhere else? Take your friends to see a few wineries and other specialty food establishments and then kick back and enjoy the spoils of the day on your new deck.

Decks are truely used all year too. Designed with lighting, heating, shade, wired for sound, TV and even a kitchen! You have everything you need for a relaxing time or party. Call us for a design consultation today: 707-257-2222




Summer Clean Up

Image of a couple painting

Summer is a great time to get your projects done. The longer days and warm weather make for ideal conditions for painting. As you are spending more time outdoors you can be preparing for a comfy winter by freshening up the rooms that need a touch up or overhaul. Open up all the windows and let the Napa Valley summer heat do its magic drying it out in no time.

Just some fresh paint can revitalize the look of a home. You can also add other design detail at the same time such as having us install wainscoting to the walls or wall paper.

So, why not do it yourself? Many do and live to regret it as they notice the missed places and uneven application later. A professional painter is truly worth every penny! They will prep the walls so that the blemishes are covered and then apply a quality paint in a way that will last a long time. They do this work every day and know all the tricks to get it just right. So enjoy the great outdoors this summer and let us freshen up your walls for winter! To find out how affordable it can be call us today for an estimate at: 707-257-2222




Making Room for Baby

Image of a happy baby on a rug

A most precious time is when you are planning for your newborn. Part of that planning may include just some paint and furniture. Many times however it will require a room remodel or a full room addition.

Babies don't need much room to start but, as we know, they grow! In the case where you will need an entire room addition or just some modifications of an existing space you will want to consult a building professional.

Making room for baby will require that you take into consideration safety concerns as well as the esthetic of the new space. Give us a call to see how we can help plan a successful addition or adjustment for your new addition - call: 707-257-2222




Her Own Getaway - At Home

One of the newer trends that looks like it is here to stay is the female version of the “Man Cave” better known as the “She Shed”.

It is an outdoor shed or room specially designed to house a personal space for Mom to get away from the crowd and pursue her hobbies and dreams. Room to write that novel, scrapbook, practice music, paint or read. That is the beauty of it - you decide what activities to embrace and have it built to suit. You can even stock it with party supplies for a girls’ night out - without going out! How about adding a little patio or deck out front and you have a BBQ area for the gang?

Alpine Construction can advise you on what we can do to remodel your current garden shed or build from scratch a new “She Shed”. For your appointment call: 707-257-2222




Don't Fix It and Forget It

The question is not if we will have another earthquake but when and how hard - it will hit. Taking action now can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Homes bolted before the 1980's have special issues with products that were used then. Home owners need to verify if their home is braced and bolted and if so, is it still secure . If you notice the image above the bolt has rusted and is not going to provide the protection you will be counting on. Older techniques allowed moisture to seep in and corrode the metal.

Our properly trained construction crew can check your home for the above issue and others that can leave your home vulnerable to damage in an earthquake. While they are checking the foundation you may want them to check chimneys and other features of the home that can cause trouble.

Our office can set up an inspection for your bolts and other areas of your home that may need retrofit. Give us a call today: 707-257-2222.




Style and Comfort with a Window Seat

Image of a Window Seat

There are a variety of ways to add a window seat or reading nook to your home. We see this nice upgrade in living rooms but boot benches near an entrance and anywhere in-between are options.

A true bay window is also another design choice that adds real dimension to a room. Bookcases, drawers, nooks for baskets under and/or to the sides can be added where space permits. With molding, trim and heat registers to match the room, your new window seat will look like it was always part of the house.

Whether a long or short window unit, the extra seating is always welcome when you have guests. Cushions and pillows can match or accent your decor and with a soft throw it's now a coveted place to relax with a book.

We can make you an appointment for a design consultation to see where you can add this nice feature. Call 707-257-2222




Plan a Pocket Door

Pocket doors can be an impressive architectural element that create a focal point in your home and offer space saving benefits. They expand your options for how you use the square footage in the adjoining rooms, for furniture placement, decor and privacy. During the design phase of the project your contractor will be able to lay out the options for you. Doors can be solid, frosted or clear glass or combinations of all. An example is in rooms with tall ceilings your door can be solid on the bottom and glass above to let in light - a good solution between a living and dining room. Solid doors can close off clutter between a laundry room and kitchen and add privacy to bath and dressing rooms.

This remodel option is best done by a qualified licensed contractor to make it a long-lasting, trouble-free installation. Modern doors come in many designs to blend into your current home design. Buying the best heavy duty hardware is recommended to allow your doors slide easily and quietly. A quality framing system will give your wall rigid and robust support. Choose a single door or elegant double doors for a wider opening.

Overall, pocket doors are a quality solution for the home. You can have pocket doors installed in your home during the remodel to be able to enjoy this unique door option for many years to come.

Call our office now to get in our spring caldendar for an get an estimate  done now - 707-257-2222




Outdoor Room with a View

Deck with a view

When you have a view like this you need a great deck to enjoy it. We build custom decks, designed around your home, to accentuate your outdoor view, and landscaping. Do you want it to wrap around your home or pool? It is all up to you.

A deck in California, especially Napa, is truly an outdoor room. It extends the indoor living space and invites you to step outside and relax. Working from home? - no better place to be than a quiet deck, with your coffee, a laptop, wifi and you are good to go.

Decks can be ground level, extend over something like a landscape feature or from a second story. Multi level decks can add interest and solve design problems when your site has a variation in elevation. We will get the design on paper for you and work out the details so your installation is smooth and worry free too.

Call our office now to get an appointment for a design consultation - 707-257-2222

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