Home Security Can Be Attractive       

Image of A Front Door

Home security is on the minds a many of our clients when they call to have us put in new fencing. Setting up a perimeter fence is most often what we are called to do. Occasionally a homeowner also wants a courtyard fence farther in as well to define a more private sitting area.

Re-evaluating your fencing is a good thing to do from time to time. Life style changes can require the need for fencing changes. You may have small children now,  a larger dog etc. that require a different style or height of fence changes.

A gate is an important consideration too. It stops casual access to your home and can also be locked when needed. The same is true for shorter fences which might be required by your HOA - they still add security and style. We can make sure your home has a welcoming look and at the same time discourage unwanted access. Give us a call on our main number - 707-257-2222.- and we will put together a plan for an attractive and secure fence system for you.



Outgoing or Conservative - It's Your Choice!

Image of A Front Door

Front doors are the first thing people see when visiting your home. Choosing a new front door color is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your personality! Are you conservative or do you want to go for a little excitement? Most homes have 3 colors - body, trim and accent. Front doors are usually an accent color, that may or may not be repeated elsewhere on the home.

So, do you want your accent to be subtle and harmonize with the other colors or have a bright pop of a contrast color? We often see a grey home with white trim and a bright red or blue door. A more conservative look might be a darker grey or even a glossy black door Either way is going to look great and you get to choose!

One of the considerations about color is the setting. If your porch and doorway is in the shadows, you may want a bright color. If your door is not sheltered by a porch and is out in the sun, a darker shade of the color you want could be a great choice.

Thinking this is a DIY? Glossy and semi-gloss paint can be tricky to get a smooth finish. Call us to see how affordable it is to have a professional do it for you. 707-257-2222.




Mark Oct 27th on your Calendar For Free Money

Image of Contractors FEMA Badge

The question is not if there will be another earthquake in Napa Valley - The question is WHEN!

October 27th, 2021 is the date the state Brace and Bolt program is opening up again for free retrofit funds. If you have not had your home evaluated for risk of damage during the next earthquake this is a good time to get it done while the funds are there. If you qualify for it, you need to get your application asap.

All contractors must be trained and approved by EBB to do this type of work so that you will qualify for the funds. Our crew has been trained by the FEMA training for seismic retrofits of single-family, wood-framed houses and is certified by EBB to do the retrofit needed by this program.

We have an experienced crew and always do our work respectful of social distancing. We would be happy to get you in our calendar call us at 707-257-2222.




Mixing Metals

A trend we are seeing in kitchens and baths is the use of a variety of metal finishes on sinks and faucets. The traditional silver chrome color is making way for some flashy gold and copper finishes.

One designer put a gold faucet in a kitchen that had a traditional stainless sink and all stainless appliances. The look was stunning. The gold faucet gave the kitchen a pop of color in an otherwise attractive but predictable kitchen.

Solid brass, copper and gold faucets are available in every design imaginable and a variety of finishes. Sinks are available off the shelf ready to install and custom handmade too.

If you are looking for a simple upgrade or complete kitchen remodel give our office a call at 707-257-2222. We would be happy to get you in our calendar.




Keeping Calm in 2021

Image of Paint Cans

The "Your home is your Castle" saying has never been truer. As we get back to some normality, we are also experiencing a need to still social distance and stay safe. Many people are making efforts to review the different spaces in their homes and how they can make the whole family more comfortable as they work and play from home. Let's look at what is trending.

Peace of Mind Upgrades:

  • Soundproofing Spaces: This can be as easy as adding soundproof curtains and carpeting or having us come in and soundproofing to your inner walls to give each room more privacy.
  • More natural Lighting: Mental wellbeing is often improved with added access to more natural lighting. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Skylights, enlarging existing windows and adding window are the easiest way to add light.
  • Better Storage: Helps alleviate stress by being able to put things away and then find them again! We can add shelving, window seats with storage and even whole rooms to your home.
  • Another way to get some natural light year around is a comfy outdoor room. We can also add an outdoor fireplace and or a water feature to this "room" to give you little more space as a retreat. Add sun and/or wind screens and with plush seating you are good to go.
  • Cozy Upgrades: Gas fireplaces are a great option to add a relaxing atmosphere. It is easier than you think and will add that cozy relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for.

I hope these ideas give you inspiration to make your home a castle. It can be your private sanctuary and at the same time a place to come together on your own terms. Give us a call at 707-257-2222 and we can put together a construction schedule that works for you.





Many people are not just marking time while staying home during these difficult times. They have continued to consider their options to move forward with work and family obligations. At the same time making their home more user friendly. Here are some of the top trends in home remodeling that have made real improvments to their lives.

Sanitary Upgrades:

  • Touchless Faucets: This is a great use of technology. No more having to sanitize the entire faucet after using it.
  • Porcelain Surfaces: A great product that absorbs less bacteria making it easier to clean floors and counter tops.
  • Home Spas and Exercise Rooms: Convenient sanitary home exercise rooms are back. Having a private spa/exercise room makes both relaxing and sweating to the oldies a breeze.
  • Open Floor Plans Revisited: Adjustments to these rooms like sliding pocket doors add comfort and value to a home. Homeowners can separate family members into work, play or rest areas. Remote work and schooling become easier as each family member has a private place to go.
Some of the above changes are simple and some are more complex. If any of the above appeal to you - or you have a different idea - give us a call. We can make an appointment to talk over your ideas and turn that goal into a reality. 707-257-2222.




This is the Time!

Image of Paint Cans

Napa summer weather makes this the perfect time to freshen up your house with new paint. Painting a house is also one of the fastest ways to increase both its value and curb appeal. Not many other renovations can make a home look more updated in such a short period of time.

The two most common ways are hiring a professional to paint it for you or doing it yourself. Which is the right one for you? Each has its own merits and setbacks. Many people have dedicated their summer to this DIY project. This eliminates labor costs that may be incurred by hiring a professional, but it is a huge undertaking — not one of the “Easy DIY” projects. What you are paying the professional for is to apply a quality product that will be long lasting. The prep work a painter does before and their knowledge in choosing the right products are what make them worth every penny.

If you want a paint job that will last for years and would like to get a quote we can help. Your painter will go over all of the steps they take and what you will need to do on your end. Give us a call at:707-257-2222 today and take advantage of this great summer weather.




Walk The Plank

Image of Samples of Flooring

If after a year of everyone staying home your carpet may have out lived its useful purpose. Many homeowners are considering a fresh new look.

Changing out your flooring to the new vinyl plank flooring can give your home an affordable upgrade. The new water resistant flooring comes in an amazing array of styles and colors. You can get a true wood floor look or the traditional style of tile or stone. Your new flooring can be a dramatic design statement or a neutral background to let your other decor shine.

As the summer sun continues to heat up, the cool smooth flooring will feel great under your feet. It is durable and easy to maintain giving you more time to relax.

Our team can help you evaluate your options to pullout that old carpet and install a new clean flooring. Homeowners also often get a fresh coat of paint and may even upgrade their baseboards while the furniture is out of the way. Call us today at: 707-257-2222 to set an appointment to get an estimate on getting a fresh start for summer.




Made in the Shade

Image of a Patio with Movable Sun Shade

Believe it or not it is time to get ready for that hot Napa Valley summer sun! First week in April and we already have had some warm days. With more to come start now planning how to get out in the back yard and enjoy it. Many people are living in their back yards now more than ever. Having a place where you can enjoy the sun but also pull the shade "so to speak". Being able to have a movable shade awning is important to enjoying that outdoor space all day and into the evening.

Outdoor pergolas come in any size or shape you need and in many materials. Just a few of the choices are real wood, steel, and aluminum. The fabric covers are very popular and for good reason. They come in just about any color you can think of and multiple colors as well. You can have soothing back to nature colors or a pop of color to set the party mood!

Call us today at: 707-257-2222 to set an appointment for us to come out to assess the area you want covered and how best to get it done before the summer sun hits. .




Easy Come - Easy Go

Image of a Wood Gate with Metal Frame that rollslAn automatic swing or rolling gate is not only for large estates. Most driveways can be fitted with an automatic gate to add convenience and security to a home.  

Did you know – an automatic gate can be a great investment, add value to your property and may lower your homeowner’s insurance payment!

Our clients appreciate the security of having a closed driveway that can be opened at the touch of a button. Not having to get out of your car in all weather conditions to access your property is very convenient. A fully enclosed yards help safeguard pets and kids too.

We can build a new gate or if you have an existing gate, we can often remodel it to make it automatic. Gates can be installed in a variety of materials too. Wooden, metal or a mix of materials. They can be accent pieces or blend into the fence you have.

If you are ready to add that extra bit of security and convenience to your home - give us a call at 707-257-2222 and we will help you do both.




Remodel Remorse or Renovation Regrets?

Image a Contractor Giving an Estimate For a Kitchen Remodel We are now moving into the second year of the COVID lockdowns, working from home, and attending school remotely. Many people have done some remodeling or refurbishing of their homes to make it a more comfortable place to retreat to.

Hopefully you are not one of the homeowners who are regretting their remodeling decisions. With the fresh bright light of late winter and spring coming on we may see things differently now that we have had time to look back at those decisions.

One decision often regretted is painting an accent wall too bright or too deep of a shade of color - making a room seem smaller and darker.

Another is the popular use of industrial materials used for a modern look and feel. These applications can be perfect for a businesses but can be too cold and harsh used in a home.

None of these mis-steps are irreversible. The paint can be redone and an overly commercial look can be softened. We can help you revisit any of these or other decision that are now regretted and pull the look together that you had in mind in the first place.

We are ready to consult with you now to help you make some choices to make your home calm and restorative. Rather than live with something you don't like, call us today get an estimate that will put your mind at ease that a comfortable restful home is just around the corner - 707-257-2222




Color Sets The Tone

Image of a paint roller with flowers With so many options available, choosing a new pallet of colors for your house can be a little daunting. Typically, most homes have a base or field color, a trim color and an accent color. The Victorian homes of yesteryear often have extra details and features that are often highlighted with even more colors. It need not be as stressful as you think however taking into consideration a few basic rules that will smooth the road to a fresh new look.

Most paint companies help customers by selecting complementary colors for a pleasing "color pallet" or collection. A little red goes a long way for accents. A white trim adds a fresh look and further highlights the color choices. Our painter can supply you with samples on paper and even paint small areas right on your home to see what the colors look like together.

An all neutral color scheme can be done in a warm or cool pallet. Browns, tans, cream, white, grey and black can be stunning if the right colors and tones are chosen. Often the lightest color is used to paint the body of the home like a tan then a highlight color is used for trim - such as white or brown. An accent of black for the door and shutters could finalize your new dramatic look.

Our professional painters are ready to consult with you now to help you choose the right paint to protect and beautify your home.

Call us today get in our calendar - 707-257-2222

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